GWS OneScore Data Reveals Wireless Network Performance Experienced by Attendees During the Presidential Inauguration Across Major US Carriers

WASHINGTON, D.C. – January 23, 2017 –

Leading independent network benchmarking specialists Global Wireless Solutions, Inc.
(GWS) today revealed the wireless connectivity performance experienced by
inauguration attendees on Friday, January 20.

Using rigorous procedures, GWS network testing specialists used Samsung
Galaxy S7 smartphones and the GWS Mobile Diagnostic App to evaluate the
mobile network performance of the four major US carriers in terms of
completing everyday tasks (such as making a phone call, uploading a video,
sending a Snapchat, etc.) and the speed at which the data related tasks can
be completed.

The sites tested include the National Mall and areas alongside the parade
route. Data collected was then ranked using OneScore, a performance metric
developed by GWS that considers both in-depth network testing data and an
understanding of how consumers are using their mobile devices (based on a
third-party survey vetting the sentiments of 5,000 US adult mobile phone

Findings include:

  • From the tests conducted it seems preparations paid off for AT&T. GWS
    deployed teams to measure network performance at the inauguration and based
    on the collected (in the National Mall) between 10am (i.e.
    pre-inauguration) through to the conclusion of the inauguration ceremony
    itself, AT&T ranked first in all of the GWS OneScore metrics measured –
    these include overall reliability (for both voice and data), overall packet
    data (considering data speed and reliability), social media tasks and data
    speed alone. AT&T was followed in the rankings by Verizon, T-Mobile and
  • For data tasks collected on the Mall such as downloading or uploading a
    video (4MB file size), AT&T’s throughput was, on average, double that
    (or more) of their closest competitor. Additionally, Sprint’s and
    T-Mobile’s networks experienced very low levels of task success rate during
    the testing on the Mall – during this time Sprint failed more than 4 out of
    every 10 task attempts.
  • As the focus moved from Mall to the parade route (along Pennsylvania
    Avenue) the performance variations tightened across the operators and
    T-Mobile and Sprint significantly improved their overall performance. In
    fact, T-Mobile ranked first in the GWS OneScore rankings for the post
    inauguration parade.
  • However, when it comes to the voice reliability statistics, AT&T and
    Verizon provided the most robust network performance, beating out T-Mobile
    and Sprint throughout the day.

Dr. Paul Carter, CEO of Global Wireless Solutions, commented: This was
perhaps the most significant political and social event experienced online.
People attending the inauguration were sharing their own experience by
posting pictures, videos, or simply talking to friends and families.
Providing fast and reliable wireless service was a challenge for the mobile
operators given that thousands of users were on their phones in the same
area at virtually the same time. In order to meet this unusual demand in
service, the operators had to go the extra mile to prepare and bolster
their networks; and our tests showed that for the most part this challenge
was met.


Between 10am and 5pm on January 20, 2017, approximately 15,000 voice and
data tests were conducted to evaluate network performance of Tier 1
carriers (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon) at major points
throughout the presidential inauguration including the National Mall and
parade route. Using Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphones and the GWS mobile
diagnostic app, tests were conducted to evaluate the mobile network
performance of these carriers in terms of completing everyday tasks (such
as making a phone call, uploading a video, sending a Snapchat, etc.) and
the speed at which the data related tasks can be completed.

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