For the second consecutive year, AT&T has won the title as the “Best U.S. Wireless Network 2019”. This is based on the tests conducted by Global Wireless Solutions (GWS), which were released today. The survey revealed that AT&T scored the highest overall network, along with download speeds, reliability, and video category.

GWS OneScore conducts the largest drive test in the country. The test accounted for 94% Americans, with results coming from 501 markets across all 50 states and some U.S. territories.

The survey revealed the following results:

  • Data Speed: AT&T won with the fastest download data speed for receiving photos, content streaming, and other app-related content. As for the fastest upload speeds for posting on social media, videos and photographs, Verizon took the title.
  • Data Reliability: AT&T consumers had the best success rate for data task completion
  • Video Streaming: AT&T scored the best for the fastest loading time, the highest video quality, and the least amount of buffering on video streams.
  • Voice Calls: T-Mobile scored best phone call quality while AT&T users had the least amount of dropped calls.

Considering this is the second consecutive year that AT&T won the title, the executive vice president for AT&T Mobility and Entertainment, Kelly King, attributes the win to their “focus on the full customer experience”. Thanks to their network investment, the carrier has been able to drive the results it wants.

You can read the full results of the test here.