“We live, work and play with our smartphones these days,” says Dr. Paul Carter, GWS Founder and CEO. “And we’ve been using it for all of the basic communication needs, we’ve been talking to each other, running our business remotely, through emails, video calling and voice calling, and texting, and all those things, and relying on our networks for all that.” In this podcast Dr. Carter outlines the findings of a special survey of the communications landscape and gives us a glimpse into what comes next. According to the survey results, When asked which one mobile phone capability consumers would keep for at home telework, the top choice was voice calling (33%), followed by texting (28%), then video calling and conferencing (20%), emailing (15%), and lastly team collaboration like Slack (4%). Meanwhile mobility, as overall need and expectation now rule, with people choosing to keep their cell phone over Netflix, PCs, televisions and even cars. Carter applauds the way most carriers have kept up with surging demand through the crises and discusses how 5G not only means more speed, but entirely new experiences and possibilities. Telehealth is one example of how a major, traditionally on prem industry has been transformed into a remote delivery model. 5G holds the promise of transforming many other activities once thought to need the presence of people. Carter connects the dots of his survey into practical ideas for the whole UC community.

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