T-Mobile US and AT&T are duking it out over performance honors in recently released network testing.

Global Wireless Solutions, which released its annual national report that included testing in nearly 500 markets across 50 states, concluded that AT&T had the best national network, followed by Verizon and then T-Mobile US. But each carrier had a standout area of performance, GWS noted: AT&T did particularly well in video and voice performance and reliability, Verizon had the fastest upload speeds and best coverage and T-Mobile did the best on network capacity stress tests, aimed at assessing the maximum possible throughput at a given time.

In terms of coverage, GWS found that Verizon had the most coverage in the areas tested, although both AT&T and T-Mobile increased their service areas since GWS’ last round of nationwide testing in 2020.

GWS’ ranking includes not just straight-up network performance data, but ties in data from an annual consumer survey that provides insights on which mobile tasks that consumers prize most highly and weights those tasks accordingly in the overall ranking. Dr. Paul Carter, founder and CEO of GWS, said that this year’s consumer survey “showed consumers were considerably more aware and excited about 5G than they were in 2020.”

Meanwhile, T-Mobile US was touting recent analysis from benchmarking company umlaut in four U.S. metropolitan markets, as well as testing by PCMag. Umlaut’s testing, which was commissioned by T-Mobile US, took place in Norfolk, VA; Indianapolis, IN; Detroit, MI; and San Bernardino and Riverside, CA. The testing company reported that T-Mo’s average download speeds on 5G were around 200 Mbps on average and as high as 258 Mbps, depending on the market. T-Mobile also had particularly good availability of 5G: Above 90% in all of the markets tested, and as high as 99% in Detroit and Indianapolis.

T-Mo also landed long-awaited honors from PCMag, which declared, “It’s T-Mobile’s year at last. The carrier’s new mid-band 5G network is the only nationwide 5G that’s markedly faster than 4G.” This was T-Mobile US’ first award from the magazine for the fastest U.S. mobile network.

You can read PCMag’s analysis here and the report from umlaut is here.